The Children of Maesybdia

Ann Jones

My Mamgu

Daughter of John Jones & Esther (Davies) Jones

of Maesybidia, Abergorlech

Grand-daughter of Jennett Rosser of Penpicillion, Llansteffan

descent of the Lord Rhys - Rhys ap Gruffyd


Ann (Anne) Jones

Born Maesybidia, Abergorlech 1826 (Carmarthenshire)

Died 16.02.1911 Waunbant, Pontycymmer (Glamorgan)

Buried Penyfai Chapel (Bridgend 20th February, 1911




Dafydd Thomas

Born 1828   Died 16th April 1881

Penygarn Cottage, Llangrech Farm, Llandybie (Carmarthenshire)

Died 1881 buried Smyma Baptist Chapel, Penyfai (Bridgend, Glamorgan)

Dafydd Thomas


Dafydd (referred on the English census records as David) was born into a very different World to Ann one without privilege, money or free education, the 1851 census records Dafydd as 13years old and working as a collier this was not unusual in Wales at the time but very sad. Ann at this time was enjoying, hunting, embroidery and being educated Priory School, Carmarthen.  Dafydd was the fourth child born to Paul and Elizabeth (Morgan) Thomas, Paul was a Hat Maker.

Records show Paul Thomas and Elizabeth Morgan married Llandybie 31st January, 1823

   Llandybie Church records also record the following baptismal records for the children of Paul and Elizabeth

                                                        Baptismal Names & Dates :                                                                               Paul 15.12.1822 : Mary 14.03.1824 : Rachel 06.08.1826 :David 03.02.1828 :Morgan 02.05.1830    

1841 Census Paul & Elizabeth Thomas                              1851 Census Paul & Elizabeth Thomas

    Paul Thomas  Age 65  Labourer           Paul Thomas  Age 76  Hat Maker Town of Carmarthen
    Elizabeth Thomas  Age 45             Elizabeth Thomas  Age 57   Llandybie, Carmarthen
    Paul Thomas  Age 15  Collier           David Thomas  Age 23   Llandybie, Carmarthen
    Rachel Thomas  Age 15             Thomas Thomas  Age  3  Collier Llandeilo, Carmarthen
    David Thomas  Age 13  Collier            

1861 Census Record Elizabeth Thomas living Penwainhafod, Llandybie

Elizabeth Thomas  Head   Widow   Age 68  
Thomas Thomas  Grandson   unmarried   Age 13  Collier

Ann and Dafydd are said to have met at Llanybydder fair, he was taller than the average Welsh man with an athletic body and won some of the competitions at the fair which impressed Ann. Ann's parents had always hoped that she married a well to do local man who had made his feelings known to her but the love of her life was to be Dafydd and her life was to change very differently to that she had been born too, education, wealth, fox hunting a life of no hard work that was to follow her marriage.

Ann & Mary Jane Thomas

Ann and daughter

Mary Jane

Outside their shop

High Street, Pontycymmer

Mary Jane Thomas

Ann Jones

Born Maesybidia, Abergorlech 1826 (Camrarthenshire)

Died 16.02.1911 Waunbant, Pontycymmer (Glamorgan)

Buried Smyrna Chapel, Penyfai, Bridgend


Census Records for Ann before marriage

1841 Census, Maesybidie, Abergorlech               1851 Census the family have moved to Bedw Bach

John Jones     Age 44     Farmer
Esther Jones     Age 50  
Evan Jones     Age 21  
John Jones     Age 19  
Jane Jones     Age 17  
Anne Jones     Age 13  
Rees Ricy Jones     Age 11  
Sarah Jones     Age   9  
Esther Hetty Jones      Age   7  
David Davies      Age 30     Man Servant
John Jones   Head  Married  Age 56  Farmer 70 acres
Esther Jones   Wife  Married  Age 60  Farmers Wife
Ann Jones   Daughter  Un-Married  Age 22 Farmers daughter & dressmaker
Sarah Jones   Daughter  Un-Married  Age 17  
Hetty Jones   Daughter  Un-Married  Age 15  

The family owned Maesybidie, Bedw Bach and Gondre in Llanybydder.

 Margaret had married John Evans and was to emigrate to America in 1856

 Evan had left home and married Sarah, they lived their lives out in Wales farming

 John left for America and ended his life an unhappy man never to return to Wales

 Jane married a local farmer John Roberts

 Ricy emigrated to America in 1849 cried for Wales but not in health to return

1861 Census Dafydd & Ann have married and living in Kenfig Hill      1871 Cenus Nantymole Cottages, Llandyfodwg

David Thomas Head  Age 33 Collier Llandybie     David Thomas  43  Head 1828 Carmarthenshire
Ann Thomas Wife  Age 28   Llanybydder     Anne Thomas  43  Wife 1828 Carmarthenshire
Hetty Thomas Daughter  Age  5   Brecon Town     Hetty Thomas  15  Daughter 1856 Glamorgan
Elizabeth Thomas Daughter  Age  2   Cwmamman     Mary Jane Thomas   8  Daughter 1863 Glamorgan
              Margaret Anne Thomas   2  Daughter 1869 Glamorgan

Llandyfodwg, a parish in Bridgend district of Glamorgan on a branch of the river Ogmore

1881 Census Dafydd & Ann Thomas living 19 Cwm Clydach Street  Census 3rd April - Dafydd (David) died 16th April

   David Thomas    Head     Married   Age 50    Coal Hewer Born Carmarthen Llandybie
   Anne Thomas    Wife     Married   Age 49    Dressmaker Born Carmarthenshire
   Mary Jane Thomas    Daughter     Single   Age 17   Born Glamorgan Pyle
   John Jenkins    Boarder     Married   Age 57    Coal miner Born Glamorgan Pyle
   Malcolm Williams    Boarder     Married   Age 18    Coal miner Born Glamorgan Ystradfodwg



Ann Jones my Mamgu was my Grandmother Hetty (Miles) Garfield grandmother and although born four generations before me was always live with my Grandmother so it is sometimes difficult to believe that we never met.

Ann was born into a wealthy influential Carmarthenshire farming family, she was educated at Priory School, Priory Street, Carmarthen and spoke her native tongue Welsh along with English and French was literate the education act for Wales wasn't passed until August, 1889 so prior to this unless you could pay for an education few could speak more than their native tongue or read and write and signed their name with a cross.



Children of Ann & Dafydd Thomas


                     Hetty                                                                                                   * Mary Jane          ) my great grandmother

Born 09.04.1855 Ystradgynlais (Cwm Clydach)                                                                        Born 16.06.1862        )

Died 12.03.1931 buried Penyfai Chapel                                                                                   Died 1941                 )

                       married                                                                                                    married              )  Buried St David's

             16th December 1878                                                                                                                      )  Church, Bettws

             James Richards                                                                                            Micah Miles          )  Bridgend, Glamorgan

Born 04.06.1855                                                                                                                  Born 1860                 )

Died 16.09.1918 buried Penyfai                                                                                             Died  1921                )

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    Margaret Ann            Beatrice        David Henry        Elizabeth May                                            details Micah & Mary Jane Miles

     1881-1935               1884-88        b. 08.03.1890      b. 29.04.1895                                                    

Buried Cocket, Swansea      Buried Penyfai    d. January 1978    Pontycymmer                                                       

         married              Chapel               married            d. June, 1974

Tabernacle, Pontycymmer    with parents     1st Olwen Bowen      cremated

    Biathan Davies                                    born 1909                       Thornhill Cardiff

     No Children                                     died 1992                  married

                                                        l                26th December 1922

                                                            l                  Jenkin Thomas

                                                              l                 Born 12.02.1899

                                                                           l                     Died  15.02.1996

                                                                           l                       No Children 


         Leighton Bowen Richards

Born 14.12.1928 Swansea

Died 06.01.1993  Somerville, Massachusetts

Arrived New York 11th January, 1960

Interesting that his permanent address on entry to the USA is given as Pforzheim in Germany, Baden-Wruttemberg area

Pforzheim is home to the University of Applied Sciences.  Arrival address in USA Orthopedic research labs Mass General

Hospital, Boston. 

Son Born November 1951 - David Bowen Richards MD




Anne's brother Ricy Davis Jones son Ricy Howell Jones visited his Aunt Ann and cousin Mary Jane in Pontycymmer in 1886 and upon his return to America wrote the following letter - there is a copy of the original letter below which is in a frail condition


Notary Public                                             office of                                     Prosecuting Attorney

R. H. Jones

  Counsellor at Law

At Court House                                                                                                                         Brigham City, Utah 4th July, 1886.Box Elder County                                                                                                                                                                         


Dear Auntie Ann and Cousin Mary Jane

Having been at home about three weeks now, I feel that my promises to write you a letter should be performed without longer delay.  You can imagine how much of my time has been occupied, calling on friends and acquaintances, and receiving calls from them.  For all have manifested a great interest in hearing of my experience while in Wales and other foreign countries.  

Our company across the ocean consisted of two hundred and ninety one saints, twelve of whom were from Wales.  We were ten days on the sea and had a very pleasant voyage, we remained for two days in New York, but we did not go through Iowa, and I had no opportunity of seeing out relative there.  I did not see my brother at Cornell University either but we expect him home any day now.  My brother and sister who are married live some distance away and I have not had the pleasure of seeing them as yet, but I heard by letter that they and their families are in good health and doing well.  I also learn that Father is well and quite busy with the farms. 

I am very glad to be at home again but I often think of old Wales and of my visit to Cwm Garw I find many changes have taken place here during my absence for twenty-seven months is a long period to be from home.  During that time I became so accustomed to the damp  low climate to be very trying, but after a season I will become accustomed to it again no doubt.  At this season of the year the days are very hot but the evenings are cool and delightful.

I still wish sometimes that we lived closer together that I could call and see you often and enjoy another long chat with you, and have evening song but we are a long way apart now and may never see each other again. 

Give my kind love to Hettie and Mr. Richards and accept the same yourself and do not forget were you write to send me all the news about our people. 

Trusting that you are in good health, I remain your affectionately 


Ricy Ho Jones


Copy of oriignal letter .....................       Page One                                                                Page Two