Letter written by Ann to her brother Ricy in Utah

Bush Cwmclydach

September 26th 1883

My Dear Brother

I take the pleasure of writing to you hoping to find you and your family quite well as we are at present.  Dear Brother I am very sorry to tell you that my Dear Husband is dead since I wrote to you last he died 2 years years ago 16th last April, I am living in the same house since I am keeping a green grocer shop with my youngest Daughter is at home with me my husband was only 9 days ill in the inflammation and the lurash was married to him 28 years he was so kind and good a man as could be on earth I have thinking and couldn't write to you every day until now. I hope you will forgive me for being so long. Dear Brother and Sister I am very anxious to hear from you I hope you will write back soon and I will always answer your letters by return we received the letter your wrote 24th January and the photos of your five very pretty Daughters and are very glad to have them I should like to get you and your wife you should have one of me and my Husband photo is he was alive but you can have mine again.  I am sending you the photo of my to Daughters and son-in-law and her children the same card of Mary Jane my youngest Daughter by herself.  Thomas Roberts Jane my sisters second son he is a carpenter here stopping with me this 2 years he is a very nice sturdy boy.  3 months the baby was when she was taken there she is now 19 months it was taken a rainy day you shall have a better one again.  Hetty is looking there a lot worst than what she is Hetty my Daughter and Mary Ann your daughter is very much alike and Emma I should like to hear a letter again about Margaret our sisters children and John my brother I have been looking for Mary and Watkins Morgan I have not found them yet I shall try again I'm going to Newbridge next week my cousin David of Llystin have been here he promises to come back after but he did not come he slept one night here I'm very thank full for my brothers Johns address I should like to have Margaret my sisters children address give our kind love to them when you write to them we all join in sending our best love all from your   

                                                                                       Dear Sister Anne Thomas

Kisses for the children                                                            No. 19 Bush Cwmclydach

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