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Celia Gwynneth Miles

Born 29th August 1903 - Died 1981

                                   1st Husband - Thomas Minta Cusse 1888-1928         2nd Husband William Brace 1893-1962

                                          marriage St David's Bettws 1920                                marriage 1930

                                                               l                                                               l

                                      One child Thomas Minta Miles Cusse                     One Child (daughter) died at Birth   

                                           Born 6th December, 1921

                                           Died  1993

                                                                                             Daughter of

                                                            Mary Jane                                               


                                                          Micah Miles    

            Sister to :   David John           Mary Beatrice          Hetty Ann          Arthur Micah          (Celia Gwynneth)          Ricy Gwyn

                                   1893                     1895                    1896                  1898                        1894                            1905  

Celia Gwynneth Miles

Celia Gwynneth Miles Cusse

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Celia Gwyneth Miles

When Celia Gwynneth was born in 1906 at the time of her birth the family ran a shop in Caerau (Maesteg) and throughout her life she objected to be the one that was born in Caerau.  Her Father was the local Band Master.

Celia was named after her Grandmother Celia Jones Miles born in 1834 who emigrated with her husband Henry Miles to Plymouth, Luzerene County, Pennsylvania, America Celia Gwyneth's father Micah had emigrated with his parents in 1881 returning to Wales and marrying Mary Jane Thomas Celia's Mother in 1891, her Miles grandparents are buried in Pennsylvania.  Her Mothers parents Dafydd and Ann (Jones) Thomas both settled in Glamorganshire from Carmarthenshire.

In 1911 the family ran and lived at the Oddfellows Public House, Bettws before moving to Toryfron Farm, Llangynwyd. She adored her Father Micah and regularly told stories of her childhood with him and the trips he would take her on.

Young Celia on Horse Back

Beatrice (Miles) Davies - Thomas - Iram Davies

David Davies (Son)

Celia and Mother Mary Jane Miles

Taken in Garden Letty Brongu 1930


Celia (Ciss) married Thomas Minta Cusse in 1920 in St David's Church, Bettws she was 18 and Thomas was 33.  The marriage ceremony was officiated by Rector MorganThomas.

Thomas father built and owned Bryn Terrace, Lletty Brongu and the houses on Llangynwyd mountain, he lived in a detached house that he had built for himself and family at Letty Brongu currently called Bridge House. 

Thomas Minta Cusse was a solider of the Great War and service in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1914-1920

The 1891 Census record shows Thomas Snr. as a Grocer and Road Contractor on the 1911 a stone quarry owner - census information of Thomas Cusse and Louisa Minta Cusse listed below.

1881 Census Record for Thomas Cuss living 5 Greenfield Terrace, Llangynwyd

Thomas Cuss Head unmarried Age 24 Colliery Manager Born Wiltshire, Milford

1891 Census Record for Thomas Cusse living 1 & 2 Greenfield Terrace, Llangynwyd

interesting address has Celia's brother Arthur later lived number 1 and her sister Beatrice number 2

Thomas Cusse Head Married Male Age 34 Born 1857 Grocer & Road Contractor Milford, Wiltshire
Louisa Cusse Wife   Female Age 40 Born 1851   Skegby, Notts.
Sarah E Cusse Daughter   Female Age   5 Born 1886   Llangynwyd, Glam
Thomas M Cusse Son   Male Age  3 Born 1888   Llangynwyd, Glam
Gertrude L Cusse Daughter   Female Age   2 Born 1889   Llangynwyd, Glam

1901 Census Cusse family, Bryn Terrace is listed as Bettws, it's in the parish of Bettws but postal address is

Llangynwyd Thomas Snr. and Thomas Jnr are away on census night, they are recorded below staying with Thomas Snr.

sister Rachel in Sailsbury, Wiltshire

Louisa Cusse Head Age 50 Born 1851 Grocer & Shopkeeper Nottinghamshire. Skegby
Sadie Cusse Daughter Age 15 Born 1886   Glamorganshire, Llangynwyd
Gertrude Cusse Daughter Age 12 Born 1889   Glamorganshire, Llangynwyd
Marion E Daughter Age   9 Born 1892   Glamorganshire, Llangynwyd

1911 Census Cusse family, Bryn Terrace, Llangynwyd

Thomas Cusse Head Age 54 Born 1857 Stone Quarry Owner Wits, Milford
Louisa Cusse Wife Age 60 Born 1851   Notts. Markham
Thomas Minta Cusse Son Age 23 Born 1888 Assisting in the Quarry Glamorgan, Llangynwyd
Gertrude Louisa Cusse Daughter Age 22 Born 1889 Assisting in the House Glamorgan, Llangynwyd
Marion Edith Cusse Daughter Age 19 Born 1892 Student Glamorgan, Llangynwyd

1939 Register - Cusse family - Council Area Ogmore & Garw UDC - Living Letty Brongu House

Thomas Cusse Born 25th May 1856 Age 56 Coal Contractor Store Grocer
Louisa Cusse Born 27th February 1850 Age 50 Unpaid domestic duties now old and feeble
Gertrude Cusse Born 7th December 1888   Unpaid domestic duties
Marion Cusse Born 3rd December 1891   Teaching, Head Teacher Elementary School

Only one daughter of Thomas and Louisa married :  Sarah Elizabeth Cusse was born 8th August 1895 and died Porth in the

Rhondda Valley 10th August, 1943.  Sarah married John Henry Williams they had a daughter Sarah and son Lionel Williams

born 13th May 1920, he was the eldest grandson and inherited the bulk of Thomas Miles estate although Thomas Minta Miles

was provided for. The 1939 Register records the family living 9 Gethin Terrace, Porth, Rhondda Valley.  John Williams

occupation is recorded as Colliery Roof control official.   My Mother collected rents in Bryn Terrace for Thomas Minta Miles

Cusse inherited from his grandfather and often spoke to Lionel as he owned many of the houses.

Bryn Terrace, Letty Brongu

Bridge House, Letty Brongu

Made of Sterling Silver

and enameled

engraved on rear

The Great War

Presented by Bettws Friends

1914-18 Thomas Minta Cusse

Thomas Cusse senior was president of Maesteg Cricket Club who presented him with a gold pocket watch, his name is recorded in the cricket club.

Ciss and Thomas Jnr. had one child Thomas Minta Miles Cusse who was born on the 6th December 1921 unfortunately Celia’s husband Thomas Jnr. died in 1928.  Thomas Snr. generously provided for his daughter in law and Grandson throughout his life,

Celia Brace & Sue - Elm Crescent, Kidderminster


Ciss (Celia Gwynneth)

remarried in 1930 after Thomas death in 1928 to William Braceshe met William while he was station master at Lletty Brongu Railway station

They moved from Letty Brongu to Clydach (Swansea), Kidderminster and Sutton Coldfield, William was Station Master at Clydach and Kidderminster.  Mary Jane (Ciss Mother) lived with the family in Clydach (Swansea) for a short time.  Ciss & William had no children, she had a bad pregnancy and a baby girl died at birth.  William died in Sutton Coldfield in 1968.  When the family lived in Sutton Coldfield Thomas Minta Miles Cusse worked for English Electric.

Ciss and Tom moved from Sutton Coldfield to Chatham,  Tom's job before retirement was Head of National Industry accounts at Esso Petroleum at their Head Office, London and upon retirement they relocated back to Wales and settled in Bridgend.

William Ernest Brace was Born Worcestershire 31st October 1893 to William and Fanny (Cooke) Brace.  William died Sutton Coldfield 1962 he appeared to have lost contact with his Brothers and Sisters as only Ceclia, Thomas, my Mother Margaret Thomas and one neighbour attend his cremation.

William served his country in the Great War - World War I in the Royal Field Artillery he received an accommodation (oak leaves) which appeared in the London Gazette 18th May, 1917.


1901 Census the Brace family are livMaing 1 Padmore Street, Worcester

William Brace Head Married Male Born 1856 Age 45   Carpenter   Kidderminster, Worcestershire
Fanny Brace Wife Married Female Born 1858 Age 43       Bewdley, Worcestershire
Fanny E Brace Daughter Single Female Born 1891 Age 10     Hartlebury, Worcestershire
William E Brace Son   Male Born 1893 Age 8     Worcester, Worcestershire
Edith N Brace Daughter   Male Born 1894 Age   7     Worcester, Worcestershire


1911 Census the Brace family are living 30 Rogers Hill, Worcester

William Brace Head Married Male Age 54 Born 1857 Carpenter Worcester, Kidderminster
Fanny Brace Wife Married Male Age 53 Born 1858   Worcester, Bewdley
William Ernest Brace Son Single Male Age 18 Born 1893 Railway Clerk Worcester, Worcester
Edith Norah Brace Daughter Single Female Age 17 Born 1894 Skirt Maker Worcester, Worcester
Albert Edward Brace Son Single Male Age  9 Born 1902 School Worcester

Ciss is buried with her first husband Thomas Minta Cusse at St David’s Church Bettws and their son Thomas Minta Miles ashes are also in the grave.  To the rear of the grave Gertrude always called Gerty and Marion Edith called Edith are buried they were both spinsters no one attends the grave.  Sarah was the only daughter who married.

Throughout her life Ciss and Tom (Thomas Minta Miles Cusse) stayed close to the Cusse family and often visited her cousin in law Letitia (Letty) in Rickmansworth, Letitia had been an actress she married Guy Wynne Peyton who was at one time Private Secretary to Parliamentary Secretary, War Office. His brother was General Sir William Eliot Peyton.  Guy’s nephew was Lord Peyton of Yeovil

Thomas Minta Miles Cusse attended Neath Grammar School, Glamorgan and when the family moved to Kidderminster King Edward V1 in Birmingham.  Tom worked for English Electric when the family lived at Sutton Coldfield before returning to work in the Petroleum Industry and moving to Chatham to be in commuting distance of the City of London.  He was a big fan of the Opera and would enjoy attending different productions and owned a large collection of operatic records.  Thomas never married he had when young wanted to marry but his step-father William Brace who was a hard man refused to sign the consent papers.  My Mother felt that losing his only child had made William hard and bitter.  I have William's first world war medals and feel sad that no blood relative has ever come forward wishing to keep them safe.

During Thomas Minta Miles Cusse service in the Royal Air Force he worked on codes/

Ciss and Tom were very close to my Grandmother Hetty Ann Garfield and my Mother Margaret Thomas, Tom as best man in my parents wedding, my God-Father and God Father to my son Anthony John Morgan.  Ciss was like a second mother to my mother and Tom another brother.  Tom death was sudden like his grandfather Micah Miles.

Wedding of John Thomas and Margaret Garfield

10th May, 1947 - St David's Church, Bettws

left to right : Thomas Cusse (Brides cousin) Marie Thomas (Grooms Sister) Jack Thomas (Groom) Margaret Garfield (Bride)

Celia May Howells (Brides Sister) David Garfield (Brides Father)

Christening Anthony John Morgan

St. David's Church Bettws

August 1973

God Fathers - Thomas Cusse & Eirly Garfield



All the Fun of the Fair - Caterpillar Ride -

Coney Beach, Porthcawl

Ciss - myself Judith - Margaret Thomas my Mother

Around 1952/3

Anglo-American Oil Co. Ltd.,   Esso began life as the Anglo American Oil in 1888.  In 1972 Esso's parent company,

StandardOil changed its name to Exxon Corporation in 1999 Exxon merged with Mobil creating Exxon Mobil Corporation


Cusse Family recorded 1861 census as Cuss

1861 Census Record - Bishops Down Farm, Milford, Alderbury, Wiltshire

Samuel Cuss Head Married Male 37 1824 Farmer 500 Acres 15 Men 7 Boys Salisbury, Wiltshire
Elizabeth Cuss Wife Married Female 30 1831   Wiltshire
Mary Jane Cuss Daughter   Female  7 1854   Salisbury, Wiltshire
Thomas Cuss Son   Male  5 1856   Milford, Wiltshire
Rachael Cuss Daughter   Female  3 1858   Milford, Wiltshire
Elizabeth Cuss Daughter   Female  1 1860   Milford, Wiltshire
Sophia Gilbert Nurse Unmarried Female 37 1824 Nurse Wiltshire
Emily Baris Servant   Female 18 1843 House Servamt Ford, Wiltshire
James Gilbert Servant Unmarried Male 39 1822 Baliff Wiltshire
James Mitchell Servant Unmarried Male 46 1815 Carter Wiltshire
Henry Jerwood Servant Unmarried Male 15 1846 Carter Boy Wiltshire
Frank Jerwood Servant   Male 12 1849 Carter Boy Wiltshire
William William Servant Married Male 66 1795 Shepherd Wiltshire
Charles Cook Servant   Male 16 1845 Carter Boy Wiltshire
Robert Cook Servant   Male 12 1849 Carter Boy Wiltshire

Minta Family

1861 Census, Private House, Marnham, East Retford, Nottingham

Thomas Minta Head Male 38 1823 Farmer of 356 acres employing 6 ag.lab 1 Shepherd Lincolnshire
Louisa Minta Wife Female 42 1819 Farmers Wife   Caythorpe, Lincs
Mary H Minta Daughter Female 16 1845 Farmers Daughter   Skegby, Notts
Louisa Minta Daughter Female 11 1850 Scholar   Skegby, Notts
Elizabeth J Minta Daughter Female   9 1852 Scholar   Skegby, Notts
Thomas Minta Son Male   8 1853 Scholar   Skegby, Notts
Henry B Minta Son Male   6 1855 Scholar   Skegby, Notts
Charles Minta Son Male   0 1861     Skegby, Notts
Jemima Wood Governess Female 19   Governess   Normanton, Notts
Ann Baines   Female 21   Dairymaid   Messingham, Lincs
Mary Saunders Servant Female 22   House Servant   Brandon, Lincs
John Hunt Servant Male 19   Carter   Normanton, Lincs
Edward King Servant Male 17   Carter   Allington, Lincs
William Grantham Servant Male 15   Carter   Dunholme, Lincs

Ann Harrison

Nurse Female 65   Monthly Nurse   Swinethorpe, Lincs

Cusse family

1871 Census Record no records the family as Cusse living Milford Lane, Milford

Sophia Gilbert Cousin Female 52 1819 Wiltshire          No Occupation is recorded
Samuel Cusse Head Male 48 1823 Wiltshire         No Occupation is recorded
Elizabeth Cusse Wife Female 40 1831 Wiltshire          No Occupation is recorded
Thomas Cusse Son Male 14 1857 Wiltshire
Rachel Cusse Daughter Female 13 1858 Wiltshire
Edith Cusse Daughter Female   9 1862 Wiltshire
Sarah Cusse Daughter Female   7 1864 Wiltshire
Cornelia Cusse Daughter Female   3 1868 Wiltshire

Minta Family

1871 Census Records living Heath Farm, Normanton, Grantham, Lincolnshire nearby farm in also Minta's and

records I belive Thomas Minta's Mother - Mary recorded as an Annuitant

Thomas Minta Head Male 48 1823 Normanton,Lincs  Farmer 520Acres employing 8 men & 1 boy
Louisa Minta Wife Female 52 1819 Caythorpe, Lincs
Hnery Bemrose Minta Son Male 16 1855 Markham, Notts
Jane Baker Servant Female 22 1849 Wellinggore,lincs
Rose Tear Servant Female 16 1855 Lincolnshire
Charles Justin Servant Male 24 1847 Lincolnshire
Charles Bembridge Servant Male 18 1853 Lincolnshire
Edward Perkins Servant Male 18 1853 Lincolnshire
William Dickenson Servant Male 15 1856 Lincolnshire
Thomas Shields Servant Male 15 1856 Lincolnshire

                                                        Thomas Cusse and Louisa Minta

                                                                           Married 1883

                                                   on the 1881 Census they are in very different locations

                                                                 I wonder how they met !

Thomas Minta Head Single Male 27 1854

Farmer 530Acres employing 8 men and 5 Boys

Skegby, Notts
Louisa Minta Sister Single Female 30 1851   Skegby, Notts
Emma Hack Servant Single Female 15 1866   Lincolnshire
George W Hodson Servant Single Male 15 1866   Lincolnshire

Cusse Family 1891 Census Milton Cottage, Elm Grove, Alderbury, Wilshire.

Samuel Cusse Father of Thomas Cusse who built Bryn Terrace, Letty Brongu and Great Grand Father

of Thomas Minta Miles Cusse

Samuel Cusse Head 67 Land Measurer Wiltshire, Salisbury
Elizabeth Cusse Wife 60   Witshire, Clarendon
Elizabeth Cusse Daughter 30 Dressmaker Wiltshire, Bishopdown
Flora Cusse Daughter 24   Wiltshire, Bishopsdown
Letitia Cusse Grand-daughter     Wiltshire, Milford

Cusse Family 1901 Census Kelsey Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Thomas Cusse built Bryn Terrance and was Father in Law to Celia Miles - Thomas Minta married Celia

Miles Father of Thomas Minta Miles Cusse - all buried St David's Church, Bettws (Bridgend)

Rachel Cusse Head Single 43 Living on own means   Wiltshire, Milford
Florence A Cusse Sister Single 35 Living on own means   Wiltshire, Milford
Florence L Cusse Niece Single 12     Wiltshire, Milford
Thomas Cusse Brother Married 45 Stone / Quarry owner Employer Wiltshire, Milford
Thomas M Cusse Nephew Single 13     Glamorgan, Llangwynyd
Sophia Gilbert Cousin Single 81 Living on on means   Wiltshire, Clarendon


Headstone below for Florence Anne Cusse and Florence Letita Laurence Peyton - formely Florence Letita Cusse

Christ Churchyard

Chorleywood, Herts

                          Information of Headstone

                   Guy Wynne Alfred Peyton CBE

Son of Lt-Col. John Peyton and Emily Georgiana Violet Pringle, Guy was born Brighton 2nd June, 1862 he and is brother left London for Sydney on 15 May 1886 eventually returning to England.  Guy Married Florence Letitia Lawrence Cusse Westminster July 1947

         London Gazette Guy Wynne Alfred Peyton CBE

of Wynthrop, Chorleyood Road, Rickmanworth, Hertfordshire, died 28th July, 1950 Probate London 25th May to Westminster Bank Ltd., and Florence Letitia Lawrence Peyton widow.  Effects £48,116.1s.7d. Resealed Brisbane 20 June 1952.

Florence Anne Cusse was born 1866 Milford, Wiltshire daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Cusse and a Great Auntie to Thomas Minta Miles Cusse

Florence Letitia Lawrence Cusse - Actress - Born 1889, Milford, Wiltshire died 19th March, 1967 Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire

Upon the death of Florence Leitia - Letty - Wynthrop, Chorleywood Road, Rickmansworth was sold.